Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet A Prospect : Nathan Mikolas

The New York Yankees, with their third round pick (124th overall), selected High School outfield prospect Nathan Mikolas in the MLB First Year Player's Draft. Mikolas spent his high school years playing for Bradford High School in Kenosha Wisconsin. Mikolas signed for an above slot deal of $400K although the slot was only $378K. 

Originally considered a top 100 draft pick Mikolas was considered the regions top positional prospect if you do not count catchers. Mikolas stands at 6'2" 205 lbs batting left handed with what is considered above average power. Mikolas is praised for his consistent and fluid swing and quick bat speed while having a great eye for taking walks. Mikolas is not shy about hitting the ball the other way for power either while staying back on breaking balls. Those qualities you do not see much out of high school prospects too much so this could be a steal.

Another left handed power hitter who loves to take walks and hit the ball the other way.. sounds like a perfect fit for the Yankees and especially for Yankees Stadium. The only problem is that players that show this kind of power so early have always been extremely hit or miss... but when Mikolas hits he hits it a long way. I am officially intrigued because of his ability to hit the breaking ball. 

Mikolas is already playing in the GCL for the Yankees and already has a home run so that is definitely a great start to his Yankees career. He is only batting .172 in 29 at bats and 14 strike outs (at the time of this being written which is a little in advance) but he only just signed out of high school a couple of weeks ago and it is way too early to worry. 

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