Monday, July 23, 2012

Mock Trade: Justin Upton

I Got Traded Where?
I probably will not tell you ANYTHING that you already know here but the Yankees are apparently checking in on Justin Upton. While I know a deal in the offseason is more likely, and makes more sense for Arizona, I still wanted to throw a trade out there. Joel Sherman reports on Twitter that the Diamondbacks would want one of the Yankees top prospects, someone who can play shortstop now, and a pitcher who can pitch now. 

It is no secret that Kevin Towers and Brian Cashman are friends and with Towers working in the Yankees system for a season knows our players quite well. Using the outline that Joel Sherman gave us I came up with this mock trade. Whether it gets it done or not is one thing but these are for fun anyway so here we go...

The Yankees receive:
Justin Upton

The Diamonbacks receive:
Mason Williams/Tyler Austin
Eduardo Nunez/Ramiro Pena
David Phelps/Adam Warren
Mark Montgomery/PTBNL
I Hear He Likes Snakes Too...
Either Mason Williams or Tyler Austin would have to be included in a deal for this to happen. I think the Diamondbacks would want Mason Williams because he is more of a "sure thing" as the Yankees were once struggling to find a position for Tyler that fit. Eduardo Nunez is the only guy we have that can play short stop now unless they want Ramiro Pena so he will have to do. David Phelps has much more trade value then Adam Warren right now but maybe the Yankees could swing a deal that kept Phelps and included Warren although I doubt it. I added Mark Montgomery because it gives the  D Backs another projectable arm in the pen and sort of makes up for Nunez's short comings. 

Note that I do not think this deal would get it done. I truly believe that the Yankees would have to include a Phil Hughes or an Ivan Nova to make the deal work, in which I would want to pass on, but I am just going with what Joel Sherman said. 
Official Campaign Starts Here
If the Yankees are offered this trade I make it 11 times out of 10. If Justin Upton is really "on the outs" with Arizona, as he seems to be, then the Yankees may (and would) steal him with a similar deal like this one. Get it done Cash.
Oh I Will

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