Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet A Prospect : Ty Hensley

The Yankees, with their first overall pick in the first round (30th overall) of the 2012 MLB First Year Players Draft selected high school pitcher Ty Hensley. Ty spent his high school years pitching for Santa Fe High School in Oklahoma. Ty ended up signing a below slot deal for $1.2 million instead of going to College and burning the Yankees. 

Hensley is definitely a project at this point in his career but there is absolutely no reason he should have fallen to us at the 30th pick. Hensley was an absolute steal at the back end of that first round, with or without those "abnormalities" in his throwing shoulder. Hensley is considered "tall and projectable" while throwing his fastball comfortably in the low 90's , although hitting as high as 94 mph. Although he struggles with command of his secondary pitches, namely his curveball, he gets great movement on those pitches which is a good sign for pitching coaches. 

I think the earliest we could see Ty Hensley is in the 2015 season because he is still sort of raw in his development right now. He tends to pull his front side open too quickly sometimes on his delivery to the plate and does not always have the full extension needed to be a consistent starting pitcher. In my opinion Hensley is either going to be a big hit or a big miss but the great thing is the Yankees can afford, both player wise and fiscally, to take the chance on a guy like Hensley and fail. I will personally be watching Hensley very closely as I am extremely intrigued. 

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  1. Actually Hensley topped out at 96-97 every game this season as was up to 98. I am excited to watch as well. Listening to him in interviews it's hard to believe this guy is 18. I'm pulling for him man. I like him!

    1. Everything that I saw said he was in the lower to mid 90's but hey if it means 4-8 more MPH on the fastball I will be wrong every time.

      The guy def. has a maturity that is not seen much for a guy his age. He intrigues the hell out of me. He may be the best pitcher we have right now straight out of the draft. Obviously that means nothing at this point but still.


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