Saturday, July 14, 2012

Romine & Joba Injury Updates

Joba Chamberlain made his second rehab assignment appearance this afternoon for the Gulf Coast League (GCL) Yankees. Joba pitched two innings and consistently sat at 95 mph, touching 97 mph, and was great with his control. Joba struck out two batters , did not allow a hit or a walk, and every out that was not a strike out was a ground ball. 19 of his 25 pitches that he threw this afternoon were strikes. Granted this is a league where recent draft picks and such play but it is still a great sign to see him at or above pre surgery velocity. 

Joba is slated to pitch another two inning outing in "three to four days" which would be his third of this 30 day rehab assignment. If Joba has no set backs and goes the full 30 days Joba would have to come back up to the majors on August 7th. Brian Cashman does not expect Joba to need the entire 30 days but you never know. 

Remember the guy that was so good and close to the majors that it allowed us to trade Jesus Montero and not blink an eye? Well one significant back injury, missing about half the season, and missing all of spring training later Austin Romine is back! Austin went 0-2 with an rbi and caught the first three innings of the game. Baby steps but I will take them. 

In other news the Yankees two best pitching prospects , via pre season rankings, have both been cleared to start throwing programs after injuries. Manny Banuelos started a throwing program a couple days ago while Jose Campos looks to start his early next week. 

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