Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yankees Trade Deadline Targets : Justin Upton


Justin Upton has told us that the New York Yankees are one of the four teams that are on his no trade list that he can block a trade to. So much for wishful thinking...

Do not get me wrong... In no shape or form do I think we will have the best offer nor do I do think we will have the MLB ready prospects that Arizona wants in order to make a trade. This is more of an obligatory posting since Arizona seems to be willing and ready to trade 24 year old outfielder Justin Upton. 

Justin Upton, as stated earlier, is only 24 years old and has a very team friendly contract. He also plays right field where we will have a big hole after this season. If we could replace Nick Swisher with a younger, better, and cheaper alternative then we could improve the team AND keep on track for the 2014 goal of an $189 million payroll. Here are Upton's payroll obligations for the remainder of his contract:

12:$6.75M, 13:$9.75M, 14:$14.25M, 15:$14.5M

It needs to be said that Upton has limited no trade protection which allows him to block a trade to four teams, four teams that we do not know about. Justin Upton has put up some very nice batting numbers in what is widely considered a pitchers park down in Arizona. Not including the small sample size of the 2012 season Upton has averaged nearly 28 home runs in the last three seasons, averages 20 stolen bases, a .285 average, with nearly a 5.0 WAR.  There is a concern of Upton being lazy though, similar to the same concerns put on his brother BJ Upton, and his sometimes unwillingness to play hard in the field and on the base paths.  For some reason, maybe it is guys like Derek Jeter and CC Sabathia and company, I do not see that being a problem in New York. 

Kevin Towers worked with the Yankees for a season not too long ago so he knows the Yankees prospects quite well. He also has a great relationship with Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, which cannot hurt in the negotiation process. This is one guy that I think, to an extent, I would empty the farm for. The only way it happens is if we get a third team involved... but I can hope. I am TOTALLY for this trade if we can make it work and not get totally taken in the trade. This is the perfect example of GETTING GREEDY in Yankees land by getting the best guy available and sticking him on an already stacked team... I love it. Not to mention we may see the return of this...

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