Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Yankees Release Their 2013 Schedule

The Yankees released their 2013 schedules along with the rest of Major League Baseball today, if we make it that long. As we all know the Astros will be heading over to the American League West, Interleague play will be all year long, the Yankees will play the NL West in said interleague play, and the Subway Series will be reduced from six games to only four.

The Yankees open their schedule on April 1st against the Boston Red Sox and will finish their season in Houston to face the Astros on September 29th. The Yankees will host the Diamondbacks for a three game set in April, travel to face the Rockies in May, host the Dodgers at Yankees stadium in June, travel to play the Dodgers in July,  travel to play the Padres in August, and host the Giants in late September at the stadium. The Yankees and Mets will play four consecutive games in May where the first two games will be played at Citifield and the last two at Yankees stadium.

If the Mayans were not right after all and there is a 2013 season it should be fun!

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