Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Andy Is "Good To Go" After Simulated Game

Andy Pettitte threw a 55 pitch simulated game for the first time since being cleared to run by team doctors on Monday. Andy threw four innings and was crisp and, more importantly, set back or question mark free. He seems to be ready to start whenever the Yankees will let him. The Yankees reported yesterday that they might be willing to bring him back before he is fully stretched out and have David Phelps back him up in the bullpen which I cannot say I disagree with when I look at the standings. This is not a 20 year old kid, Andy Pettitte knows his body and we know he will not push it farther then he should and risk injury. If Andy says he is ready then put him in coach.

Speculation has started that he will start next Tuesdays game in place of David Phelps against the Toronto Blue Jays. If that is the case then he is in line for three more starts down the stretch after the Toronto game including dates with Oakland, Toronto, and Boston.

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