Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thinking About 2013 : 4th Outfielder

We will not have to go far on this one because I have already written about this one time. Andruw Jones will not be back with the Yankees next season, not if Brian Cashman is half as smart as I think he is anyways. We will need a replacement, preferably one who is young, not a defensive and base running liability, and can, oh I don't know, actually hit the ball. The great thing about it is we will not even have to go outside the organization because we already have Chris Dickerson.

Chris Dickerson has never been given a fair shake for the Yankees in the majors and that is a damn shame. Chris has done nothing but rake in the minor leagues and helped fill in quite well when needed due to injuries. He is now out of options so the Yankees have to keep him with the big club all season long and they finally have an actual spot for him. He can play all three outfield positions including center field more then adequately, something we have not had much of here lately when Granderson has needed time off. He is a left handed hitter, which tend to flourish in Yankees Stadium, but can hit both righties and lefties equally as well. He has 20 SB speed and a positive UZR, not that this is a great stat for defense, in the field to go along with his batting average, slugging, on base, and OPS. I think it is finally time for Chris Dickerson to shine for the New York Yankees in 2013.

"Nope... Binder Still Says No Chris"
This man, who seems to be slowly transitioning into Joe Torre 2.0, is the only man standing in the way of Chris Dickerson and his dream.

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