Friday, September 28, 2012

Thinking About 2013: The Outfield

The Yankees have a few questions looming that are going to be tough to answer if they are serious about getting under the $189 million luxury tax thresh hold and those begin this off season with Nick Swisher. The decision, assuming we do not go outside the organization, is going to come down to Nick Swisher vs. Curtis Granderson. If we were asked this question at this time last year or even just two or three months ago we would have all said Curtis Granderson and flamed the person who even thought of asking the question but now, not so fast...

Curtis Granderson has, in a lot of fans minds, struck himself out of the Yankees plans beyond 2013. Let's just get one thing out of the way we are going to pick up the option on Granderson for 2013, no doubt in my mind.

Nick Swisher has been killed on twitter for killing rallies, smiling when losing or making bone headed plays, etc etc etc but it has been ignored that he has been exactly what we traded for and way more then we could have ever wanted.

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