Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cody Ross May Have Just Talked His Way Out Of NY

Early reports in free agency had the Yankees very interested in right handed outfielder Cody Ross, formerly of the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants. Cody Ross and his agent told ESPN that he was seeking a three year deal worth $25 million. He may have just spoken his way off the Yankees board with that many years. The Yankees are looking for a shorter term fix, preferably on a one year deal, so the Angels Torii Hunter is looking more and more attractive. His 2012 season was comparable to Josh Willingham's 2011 season, although Willingham had more of a sample size and less of a bounce back season then Ross but I digress, so he wants the same comparable contract as Willingham. Josh signed for a three year $21 million contract so Cody Ross is looking for a small raise annually. With the 2014 luxury tax looming and his glaring road/home splits I cannot see him signing with the Yankees this offseason. 

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