Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yankees Interested In Lance Berkman For DH

The Yankees are still continuing their search for a right handed outfielder and/or DH and that search has brought them to a potential reunion with Lance Berkman. Granted Lance is a switch hitter and much better from the left side then the right but he can still hit lefties at a decent pace, given whats left on the free agent market. The biggest concern is obviously his health and whether he will be able to play more then the 32 games that he appeared in last season. Also can he even still play the outfield in a pinch or would he be a first base back up and primary DH? After two separate knee surgeries that ended his season last year the concern will always be there, especially in his age 36 season. The Astros, Rangers, and Orioles are also said to be interested in "Fat Elvis" for the 2013 season so there is a little bit of competition there.

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