Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brian Cashman's Last 6 Years Of Trade History - 2007

It seems very likely that if the Yankees are going to compete in both 2013 and 2014 that we are going to have to rely on Brian Cashman pulling his ninja suit out and making a trade or two. I wanted to take this opportunity to look at the last six seasons of Ninja Cash working his magic in hopes of maybe showing us if we should be excited about that fact or not. Here goes...


Diamondbacks get Randy Johnson
Yankees get Alberto Gonzalez, Steven Jackson, Ross Ohlendorf, and Luis Vizcaino.

The Yankees basically had all of the advantage here because Randy requested a trade to Arizona but we still got basically scraps for the Big Unit. Luis Vizcaino was helpful out of the bullpen and Ross Ohlendorf helped us net Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte two seasons later but other then that this trade was nothing worth jumping for joy over.


Yankees get Jose Molina
Angels get Jeff Kennard

This is one Cashman trade that flew way under the radar and was actually helpful. Jose Molina was the defensive wizard that we always wanted behind the plate and made Jorge Posada look like an amateur defensively. We basically gave up someone that I, an admitted prospect hugger, haven't even heard of in Kennard. Great trade for Cashman and company.


Yankees get Wilson Betemit
Dodgers get Scott Proctor

The day that Joe Torre cried was the day that Scott Proctor got sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Wilson Betemit. I have to admit that I was crazy excited for this trade when it happened because I thought he could help us give A Rod days off and  would be the super utility guy we have always been looking for. Betemit was not great in pinstripes but then again neither was Proctor.

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