Friday, February 22, 2013

New York Yankees Spring Training Notes 2/22 Part 2

More news from Yankees camp today...

Mark Montgomery threw his 25 pitch bullpen side session today as expected and came through it with no set backs, pain, stiffness or, complications. Montgomery threw all of his pitches and is scheduled to play catch tomorrow before facing live batters on Sunday. His back has not bothered him at all so I am going to file this as a non issue at this point.

Michael Pineda also threw a 25 pitch bullpen side session today throwing all fastballs while working back from shoulder surgery. He expects to throw 30 pitches at his next bullpen sessions and is expected to also start throwing change ups. Pineda has only thrown change ups while playing catch, not on a mound, since the surgery. Everything seems fine on the shoulder and Pineda has said that he does not even think about it while pitching anymore.

Yankees prospect Pat Venditte will pitch for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic as a left handed pitcher only. Pat is coming off of shoulder surgery on his right shoulder and has not been cleared to pitch right handed just yet.

Jorge Posada arrived at Yankees camp today to fulfill his job as a special guest instructor and watched Mariano Rivera throw his first batting practice. Posada, when asked if he would consider coming back a la Andy Pettitte, said he knows that he cannot play the game anymore and has no intentions of making a come back in the majors.

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