Monday, February 4, 2013

Yankees GCL 1 Roster For 2013

The Yankees have announced their 2013 Gulf Coast League roster and in honor of "Prospects Month" here on The Greedy Pinstripes we wanted to bring it to you first. For the official Yankees GCL 1 website and news please go HERE. The Yankees GCL2 team does not have an official website or roster as of the day of writing so we will update that when it happens. Here is the Yankees GCL1 roster:


Rookie Davis
Hayden Sharp
Chaz Hebert
Ty Hensley
Daniel Camarena
Brady Lail
Dayton Dawe
Rony Bautista
Yoely Bello
Caleb Drare
Giovanny Gallegos
Luis Niebla
Corey Black
Andury Acevedo
Victor Beriguete
Andrew Cave
Joseph Maher
Melvin Mercedes
Cesar Vargas


Christopher Breen
Eduardo de Oleo


Austin Bubba Jones
Jorge Alcantara
Dalton Smith
Miguel Andujar
Jerison Lopez
Austin Aune
Fernando Perez
Jake Anderson


Yeicok Calderon
Nathan Mikolas
Ericson Leonora
Mikeson Oliberto

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  1. There's a disclosure at the bottom stating this was for "off-season purposes" (not sure what that means exactly) and actual assignments would be made after spring training. There's no way Corey Black plays rookie ball unless its a rehab assignment


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