Monday, March 11, 2013

Morning Bits: Ronnier Mustelier, C.C., Phelps vs Nova for the 5th spot.

mug3We are now less than 3 weeks till the regular season begins for major league baseball!!!! Let's get going with some Yankee links....

-- We have been talking about Ronnier Mustelier on this blog since last year saying he needed to be on team.   Well he is finally getting some Dap when The Daily News is writing an article about him.  John Harper wrote the article.

-- From The Star Ledger writer Andy McCullough mentions that C.C. will be making his first start of the spring this week.

-- Adam Berry of MLB.COM writes that Phelps and Nova are pushing each other for the 5th spot in the rotation.


  1. If it were me, I'd take both guys up north but I'd put Phelps in the 5 spot and Nova in the bullpen as the "long man". That way if Phelps (or any of the pitchers) have trouble, Nova would come out.

  2. Delia, this one time, I must disagree with you...although, both are being good this year.
    Phelps is more of a SO pitcher than is Nova. Nova is a ground ball pitcher, which comes is good for DPs etc., and therefore he has a bit of a edge being as he has been a starter most of his life.
    Phelps can work in either spot just as well, being the 6th man just fits him for this year and be a start next year.
    Both are good enough to start or be in the BP, I just like a SO pitcher in the BP, that's all.
    So, it is a fans opinion only...for me!


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