Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teixeira Removed From Team USA

This is how high I've had it with injuries.

UPDATE 2: Brian Cashman has said Teixeira will be out for two weeks.

UPDATE: Danny Knobler confirmed that X-Rays were negative, and that it's a strain of his right forearm strain. However, I'm hearing that it's more like his wrist... not forearm. Teixeira will miss 7-10 days, however Yankee doctors have yet to check things out for themselves.

Just what the Yankees need... another injury!

The severity of it isn't really known yet, although it's been said by the Associated Press that it's "not considered serious", but Mark Teixeira has been taken off of Team USA due to a strained forearm. Thankfully it's not an injury of the wrist or hand, which is what was originally thought by Jon Morosi, as that could have been much worse, but we'll be on the look out for more news regarding this issue.

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