Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Did yesterday's game have a rivalry within a rivalry?

New York Yankees v New York Mets

The Subway Series didn't get off to a great start for the Yankees, but what happened in yesterday's game still left me with a smile on my face; even after the game was long over.

When you think of the Subway Series going into last night, you would think Robinson Cano vs. David Wright as the rivalry within the rivalry, them being the gigantic catalysts in bringing their team out in front during the games and leading their teams to victory. However, yesterday's game had two players that you last expected to attempt to lead their teams to victory: Brett Gardner vs. Daniel Murphy. Gardner won the battle for his team, but Murphy won the war that night. Let's rewind to last night, shall we?

Gardner commits Grand Larceny (on a HR): Daniel Murphy was entirely sure that he hit a HR to deep left-center. He was sure he had enough to give his team the lead--until Brett Gardner ran all the way to the track and robbed Murphy of a 2-run HR. Murphy's reaction to Gardner's catch was priceless: he took his helmet off his head and threw it to the ground, causing Yankees fans like myself to emit laughter, even through the commercial break. Even after the loss, I still had a smile on my face. Yes, I was ecstatic about the Gardner catch--but Murphy's reaction is what kept me in a good mood.

Tickets to Citi-Field? $50
Subway Sandwiches? $9
Daniel Murphy's reaction to Brett Gardner's catch? Priceless. Everything's better when you're a Yankees fan.

Murphy extracts revenge (and wins the game for the Mets): In the 8th inning is where it got grim for the Yankees. David Robertson was one out away from getting out of the inning tied...until Daniel Murphy lined a base-hit...in front of Brett Gardner. Daniel Murphy's reaction? He flipped the bat to the ground as if he hit a HR, walked to first base, then pumped his fist. Yeah, Mets fans may have liked that...but I didn't. Let's just say that my reaction to Murphy getting the game winning single mirrored his reaction innings earlier (I took my Yankees cap off and threw it to the ground). Don't worry--the hat has recovered from collecting dust from hitting the floor.

Even if it was just for yesterday, the fact that Brett Gardner and Daniel Murphy were looking for ways to one-up another was exciting to watch. We all know that Daniel Murphy was ecstatic for winning the game for the Mets. Brett Gardner had trouble being upset about the loss--especially after the catch he made during the game. And frankly, I don't blame him one bit.

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