Thursday, May 23, 2013

Former Yankees Update Jesus Montero

Hey remember that Jesus Montero guy that was going to be the savior to the Yankees offense only to be traded to Seattle about a year and a half ago? Well this disaster of a trade continues to get more and more like a train wreck today when the Seattle Mariners sent down Jesus Montero to their AAA team. Jesus was only batting .208/.264/.327 making him one of the worst offensive catchers in all of baseball. Just as a side not his defense and framing skills were never much to write home about so when the offense struggles you can understand the demotion. It is worth noting that their #1 catcher Mike Zunino is also in AAA so either Montero will have to be a back up to Mike or he will have to learn a new position like first base or be a designated hitter. Either way the Yankees took a small step in "winning" this trade today with Michael Pineda coming back strong, Jose Campos back healthy,and Hector Noesi and Montero struggling.

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