Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Game 52 Lineup: Mets vs. Yankees

Oh how good it feels to play a game with American League rules. Here is your lineup as the Yankees attempt to break a three game losing streak  in their home ballpark. 

Lineup vs. Mets:

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Travis Hafner DH
Lyle Overbay 1B
Brennan Boesch RF
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Jayson Nix 3B
Reid Brignac SS
Chris Stewart C

David Phelps RHP


  1. What happened to Ichiro?

  2. He got old Rick. I expect he'll eventually heat up but I just don't think he hits enough to start as a corner OF in the AL. If Granderson didn't get hurt again he would have been the 4th OF. He's been poor for 2.5 years now. He put up good numbers with us lst yr but they looked a lot better because of that incredible 2 week hot streak at the end of September.

  3. Texiera's return will be big just to get a switch-hitter back in the middle of the lineup. They have had so many guys who are platoon types that struggle against LHP or RHP. Friday's lineup vs Jon Lester will look a lot different. I'd go:

    CF - Gardner
    3B - Adams
    2B - Cano
    1B - Tex
    DH - Youkilis
    LF - Wells
    SS- Nix
    RF - Ichiro
    C - Stewart

    You could switch Adams in the order with Youk or Wells but it's definitely the best lineup vs LHP they've had all year. And if they go to a RH reliever you'll have 3 powerful lefty bats in Hafner, Overbay & Boesch who could pinch-hit

  4. fishjam, imagine plugging Pastronicki and McCann into the catcher and SS spot, then we have a solid team going forward.

  5. Those would be welcome additions Doug. Although the Yankee brass seems to want defense above all else at Catcher now. Cashman said the yanks aren't looking to make any big deals right now because off all the injured guys they have coming back. They are in a difficult spot at SS because when jeter is healthy you know he'll play. Same with RF because you have Granderson coming back. Catcher is the one spot they could make a significant deal because they really don't have a legit starting catcher coming back. Cervelli is a useful player as a part-timer but if they could get McCann, sign me up today!!

  6. Fish the Yankees should still be looking to deal for an outfielder. Even with Granderson coming back you know Ichiro blows and if Wells is turning back into the Wells of old then OF is a need.

  7. Next year we will have only CC, Hughes, Nova, Phelps, Pineda and Cabral as possible starters right? We also have Nuno, Warren and one or two guys on the farm that may be able to push for a starter spot.
    CC, Hughes, Kuroda, Nuno, Pineda, Cabral...for one reason or another are all question marks!
    Why trade two or three of them for a position player now, when we will need them next year? All that would do is make another hole to fill. We can find what we need once the teams get put out of the way or another!
    Let's see what the guys coming back can do, before we make any deals...Jeter is a question mark as is A-Rod but, we have Adams 3rd base and Nunez at SS already. The OF should be much better next year with some youth from the farm.
    You know me, never trade a top farm hand, unless it is a no-brainer! :)

  8. Yeah, they could do it but if they get a significant player then we are looking at 2 guys making a good deal of money and signed thru next season on the bench in Wells & Ichiro. That's why giving Ichiro 2 yrs made no sense. With Wells, they could look at it as the Angels are covering most of next yrs salary I guess. i'd love to see them add a big bat in the OF but I wonder if that is high on their list of priorities with basically Someone like a Soriano or DeJesus is always available and they'd be better than Ichiro but are they better than Wells? Because when Granderson returns, Ichiro becomes a 4th OF or platoon partner with Wells. If they can find a significant player in his prime i'd be all for it but I wonder if they are ready to add big payroll for future years yet or if they are still shooting for $189m.

  9. old yankee, Hughes and Joba will be free agents next year, and I don't see either returning. McCann is also going to be a free agent so it looks like a good fit to me. The catching is the weakest spot for this years team, if you add Pastronicki he is a good young controlable SS. At the All Star break teams will be looking for pitching and if Andy and Pineda return we have too many starters, it's a no brainer to me. Sometimes you have to trade somebody good to get a good return.

  10. Old yank.....I agree with you in principle....I don't want to see the Yanks trade good young assets for old players. BUT, I don't have an issue if we receive players in their prime or other young players in return. For the first time in a while the Yanks are actually deeper in pitching than they are on offense. This coincides with a trend around baseball where scoring is down and good hitters are becoming hard to find. it may be time to trade some young pitching for a good young hitter. Unfortunately, although the Yanks are deep in young pitching, most of them are mid to back end starters or relievers

  11. With the Braves bullpen depleted by injuries I would be on the phone about Joba and a good prospect for McCann. Yankees could trade somebody from the Nova/Nuno/Phelps/Warren group while their value is high because they really do not need all of those guys.

  12. Good point Matt, that's why I picked the Braves. The Yankee scouts need to identify who they want to part with. Phelps and Warren look to be pieces the Braves might want.

  13. fishjam, short term the catching might be the weak position, but long term in a year or 2 the Yanks will need a SS.

  14. doug, I agree but, a good catcher is worth more than two mid-pitchers, don't you think? We need a SS, down the line, more than a catcher, if we can get an up-grade over Nunez (not much of a chance) ok!
    Cisco and Rommy can do the job for a year or so, as well as Nunez.

  15. I think many teams would like to have Phelps and Nova...they are darn good #4 or #5 maybe even #3 starters on many teams.
    Yankees will keep Joba but, not my opinion! What say you?

  16. Think about this the Yanks are one half game ahead of the Tigers in the standings!

  17. doug, sorry but, I think next year Joba will be a Yankee!
    Joba or D-Rob may end up as the closer, with the other becoming the 8th inning guy unless, Kelly becomes the 9th inning guy.
    I agree with you, one must give-up good to get good but, everyone wants to hold up the Yankees for more than other teams would give! :)

  18. old yankee, I think Joba is a head case and he and Hughes a fly ball pitcher will either be traded or will not be with the Yanks next year. One thing Cashman is bad at is trading players in their walk year because the Yanks are always expected to win the world series. Many teams do better at this because they don't have the same expectations by ownership or fans.

  19. Nova has a weird mental make-up, last year he said he was the best pitcher in baseball or something like that, and this year he said he is a starter. He and Joba have a poor mental make up that holds them back. The mental part is huge when it comes to pitching or just playing baseball in general, because it is a game of failures.

  20. old yankee, there aren't that many good catchers out there, hopefully Sanchez is the man down the road. As for right now Cisco and Rommy are weak subs. I like Nunny but I am not sure he is a starter for the Yanks. Other teams can play with these type of players but you can't win a championship with them.

  21. doug, I agree somewhat but, we won with Posada...Cisco and Rommy are better defensively, hitting, now that's a different matter! There are very few catchers that are proficient in both...Sanchez may be the answer for our future teams.
    As I am always right, you must be wrong...or NOT! :)

  22. old yankee, look at the last few world series winners the Cards and the Giants, both have those types of catchers.

  23. doug...
    On this one, I really disagree with you...Joba is not a head case, he is stubborn and wants to throw his slider as his "K" pitch 79% of the time! He has always been a starter, until they put him in the BP. While in the BP he was very very good until they moved him around.
    I have no idea about fishjam but, I always thought I could put anyone away...I knew I could hit anyone. Some would say that is being an egotist...not so, as you stated "because it is a game of failures." I say, one must
    believe they are the best, to be the best!

  24. What have we had, 100+ WS winners? Take the Yankees out and I don't think you can count even 30 teams that fit your reasoning. Heck, the Yankees won WS with Stanly then Joe G as starters at catching.

  25. Doug...
    Isn't it fun to disagree with me? Opinions are opinions, we all have them and one is as good as another.
    I must give you and fishjam a shout out for keeping things going on the Comments Section! Thanks Guys!

  26. old yankee, all major league players have big egos, but Joba had the tee shirt. Did you forget how he got into it with Mariano in the dugout this year. That shows a personality quirk in my book. When he was not relieving so well it was he wanted to be a starter, all pitchers want to be starters unless you are the closer, because you make more money. I say it's time to sell high, while he's throwing well. There is not much difference between him and the next guy in that spot.

  27. old yankee, did you forget Dickey, Berra, and Howard.

  28. old yankee, as you know by now, I like to take the other side of the discussion.

  29. I know Gattis is having a great year but the Braves are up by 5 games in the NL East. I don't think they'll mess with a good thing by trading their starting Catcher and best LH hitter. With BJ Upton & Jason Heyward both hitting under .150, Gattis can get a lot of ABs in the OF.

  30. doug...
    Nope, that's why I said, "Take the Yankees out of it!"
    The Reds had Johnny Bench from '67 to '83 and only won two WS. The Bsox had Fisk for many years and nothing at all.
    While I think you are right somewhat, A great catcher is very helpful, as is the rest of the team, I don't think a team needs to have a top of the line catcher to win!
    So, put that in your pipe and smoke it! Just kidding! :)

  31. Oldyank - I wouldn't say Joba is necessarily a head case but he is a very high strung individual who may have some maturity issues. That's not usually a good combo for the Bronx. The Yanks may make a reasonable offer to him to come back but I think Joba will get better offers AND be more comfortable in the Midwest or a smaller market. Joba has a great arm but has never put it all together and i see guys like Claiborne, Kelley and others that can do a similar job for less $. I wouldn't be surprised if Joba becomes a good starter somewhere else but Cash & Girardi just don't see him like that.....I myself, would have liked to see him as a starter 1 more time.

    With Hughes, the yanks will likely make the qualifying offer to him (1 yr $13-14M) like they did with Swisher and Soriano but Hughes will get a sizable multi-yr deal and leave with the yanks getting another 1st round pick.

  32. doug...
    No problems at all, I also like to take the side of the Devil...just for the fun of it. Two sides are better than one, sometimes one forgets to include something they may have over looked in their dissertation! I know I do, and fishjam never let's me forget or get away with it.
    I don't want you guys think I am being argumentative or doubt your veracity (what ever that means)! Some on the site doubt me and how I played sports but, I can't worry about that...I was the CHAMP, almost. well maybe, or mostly not!
    Besides, I like to have fun, and being 76 (my sister, the historian says) this year, I can only manage my old team. I keep missing birthdays (1937 to 2013) makes me 76, damn I think I need a walker! :)

  33. You've always been my favorite OldYank......and I appreciate you taking the side of the Devil. :-) You and he are about the same age right?

  34. fishjam...
    Being from the mid-west, I was up-dated on this guy all the time when he was in college...sisters and brothers-in-law. He is high-strung and stubborn, as you said, bad for NY. I thought he may grow-up and pitch as he can, my goodness, he has all the tools one needs to be a starter or even the closer!
    Hughes will be much better off somewhere else, Yankees stadium is to unforgiving for him, as you said!
    I'll buy into your opinion, good thinking! :)

  35. fishjam...
    Nope, he is just a kid.
    It's funny, every five years or so my sister has to remind me how old I am. I dislike birthdays! Gee, I wonder why? :)


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