Saturday, June 15, 2013

Did The Yanks Mess Up Not Drafting Jonathan Denney?

The Boston Red Sox drafted catcher Jonathan Denney with the 81st overall pick on the second day of the 2013 MLB First Year Players draft last week. Denney was expected to go on day one and shocked the world when he was not drafted due to sign-ability issues. The Yankees "need" a big time catcher in their system to with Gary Sanchez and JR Murphy but instead passed on Denney in favor of Eric Jagielo, Aaron Judge, Ian Clarkin, Gosuke Katoh, and Michael O'Neill to name a few. The sign-ability issues had to be the reason that the Yankees continuously passed on Denney one would think but the Red Sox sort of shocked us all, well they shocked me anyway, when they signed Denney. Denney signed for $875,000 which is above the recommended slot of $671,200 in the 81st overall pick slot. Did the Yankees miss a huge opportunity to sign a big time catcher that would make an immediate impact in their farm system?

Denney was ranked in the low 20's around the internet when the lists of the best prospects in the draft would come out so it was a shock to everyone when Denney was not picked on day one and fell to the Red Sox on day two. This seemed like a no brainer for the Yankees, especially into the second round, with Denney's power hitting right handed bat behind the plate with a power arm. The Yankees tend to jump all over guys like this but for some reason passed on Denney. His footwork and mechanics are not great behind the plate and has drawn comparisons to Jesus Montero but he is also a high school catcher who would have plenty of time to work on these things.

What could have and probably should have been.... Oh well.

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