Thursday, June 13, 2013

Game 66 Lineup: Yankees @ Athletics

Can the Yankees take at least ONE of these games? Please? Anyway, here's the lineup.

Brett Gardner CF
Jayson Nix SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Travis Hafner DH
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Vernon Wells LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Chris Stewart C

Hiroki Kuroda P


  1. Strong words over at RAB. Can't say I diasgree with any of it today was an embarrassment

    Golden opportunities to sign IFA's...thrown out the window, etc.
    The OF corners, produce like cadavers.....on a good day.
    Matthew B, as I, saw it at RAB is now a WTF?... season. (sorry, but true)
    This team, as composed, will never mount a come back, if they go into a slide. WTF.

  3. Matthew B and Patrick...
    May I direct you to my comment of June 13, 2:37 PM!
    There is a great possibility we could be seeing the start of the years we wondered in the looser column every year and had ten or less fans at each game.
    No GM can work with-out money, don't even mention the $230mmmmmmm on the books now.
    All I hear is we had a chance to sign one of the IFA, says who?
    Maybe Hal gave Cash the money for said player but, the player didn't want to play for the Yankees.

    My opinion only: I think, Hal said remember, we are trying to cut the payroll so, work with what you have. My reasoning is very clear, whenever there has been a chance to obtain a valuable body, Cash has signed him, now he can't sign who he wants? Nope, again it seems to be the old story...follow the money!

    The days of King George putting his personnel money back into the club are long gone, the revenue generated by the team itself is suffering and with lower-income, it means even less money for the team to spend on players. I only see 15 players (maybe) coming back next year! If Jeter will call it done and A-Rod the same (if he can't produce as he should)! :(

    I still say to one and all, Farm systems take a long time to build and it is getting there...see this years draft! With all the handy-caps the Team has had put in their way over the years, I think they are about where they should be! :)

  4. old yankee, the Yankee farm system is in the upper third as far as talent goes, this year the Yanks brought up some players that have been effective. You can only get the Harper's of the world if you are drafting at the top which the Yanks are not doing. The Yankees have some capable players this year but some of them have stopped hitting. Everytime the team goes on a losing streak the doomsday people have come out in the last 5 years. As a fan you can be optimistic or pessimistic but the reality is no one knows how players are going to play from year to year. The game wins because it is so difficult to be good at. There are always some no comers who do well for awhile and some become stars, and there are always some stars that fade. Just look at Pujols and Hamiliton

  5. My friend Doug is always good for optimistic talk. And you are right, things aren't as bad as they seem this season. They are still in striking distance despite the injuries and some of their hitters will improve....Youk and tex will get better with time.....Hafner will have his streaks.....and Curtis and Jeter will be back. The Catching position and the corner OFs are in some trouble although Chris Stewart has at least been getting some hits. The Ichiro/Wells show is frustrating though. Ichiro has been getting some singles lately but his lack of overall production is hard to carry in RF. Wells surprised teams with his quicker bat this April but now that the scouts have adjusted and teams stopped throwing him Fastballs over the middle he gets himself out by swinging at everything. I question whether he'll be able to adjust.

  6. fishjam, you are right the scouting in the majors is top notch, if you have a weakness or a hole in your swing they will find it. Teams like Oakland that have good pitching make the Yanks look bad. It's hard to find the right combination.


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