Friday, June 28, 2013

Yankees Looking To Trade For A 3B At The Deadline

It is no surprise that the New York Yankees have gotten close to nothing out of their over $40,000,000 worth of third basemen this year with Alex Rodriguez yet to play in a game, Kevin Youkilis spending much of the season on the DL, and David Adams struggling. The Yankees will be undoubtedly looking to add a third basemen at the trade deadline even if Alex Rodriguez comes back or not. Alex can always get at bats as a designated hitter with Travis Hafner struggling so we could use someone down at the hot corner.

Mark Reynolds could be a good stop gap guy but I cannot see the Cleveland Indians trading him to us for whatever reason. Michael Young could be made available since the Philadelphia Phillies are not in the pennant race and Chase Utley could be made available as well not that he has experience as a third basemen. Aramis Ramirez could probably be had but I cannot see the Yankees taking a chance on him with him having a hefty contract for next season and he has not exactly knocked the cover off the ball this season. Lesser names could be had but at this point even the lesser names may be an upgrade over what we have currently.

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