Monday, July 22, 2013

Exclusive Interview With 7th Round Pick Nick Rumbelow

The New York Yankees drafted the LSU reliever Nick Rumbelow with their 7th round pick in the 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft. Rumbelow is coming off of his junior season at LSU and will now bring his talents to the New York Yankees organization. We were blessed to get the opportunity to do this interview with Nick and we are proud to be able to bring it to you here so enjoy!

The Greedy Pinstripes: Describe your draft experience for us? Stressful? Who did you speak with in the Yankees organization? etc
Nick Rumbelow: My college baseball team was in hosting a Super Regional at the time of this years draft. We were in the middle of taking batting practice when I was waved down by a manager in our dugout who was holding onto my telephone. I had to run in from the outfield and take the call from my area scout. It was one of the most incredible feelings to hear from him that the Yankees had selected me. 

TGP: In honor of Ian Clarkin we have to ask who your favorite team was growing up?
 NR: I have always been a fan of the Yankees, even being from a small town in Texas I admired the organization and the winning tradition the Yanks have.
TGP: Did you play any other positions coming up? 
NR: Since my time at LSU I have only been a pitcher. 
TGP: Did you ever catch flack for having the middle name Bruno? Kids can be mean...
NR: People never really knew my middle name and even if I was to tell them most don’t believe that Bruno is actually it. I come from an Italian family so Bruno is a family name. 

TGP: What has been your biggest inspiration in baseball??
NR: My family is a driving force for my baseball career, whether it be from my moms countless hours of dedication taking me to training facilities or my dads effort in helping me on the field to get better. 
TGP: What is your best asset you think you bring to the table?
NR: My mental approach and will to succeed are what makes me who I am. 
TGP: What do you think you will specifically work on this year? 
NR: I will come to the field everyday eager to learn whatever the coaches have for me.

TGP: Do you consider yourself a strike out pitcher?
NR: I do think that being able to strike people out is a strong point of mine but I go out on the mound and just try to get quick early outs. 
TGP: Where will you be starting your Yankees career? 
NR: I will be starting in Staten Island. 
TGP: As a player how do you feel about the new draft rules and the slot recommendations for salary?
NR: I like the new draft because it is set up for guys who want to play pro ball. With the slot recommendations and the ability to sign under slot it opens the door for guys to show that they care more about the chance to play than the dollar figures. 
TGP: Do you think you will be a reliever for the Yankees or do you want to try out as a starter?
NR: That is up to the Yankees to decide for me what they have planned. I am open to any role it takes to help whatever team I am on win. 
TGP: Do you have any regrets in your baseball life? 
NR: I have enjoyed and cherished every bit of my baseball career so far and am grateful for the opportunity to continue to play.

TGP: What current major league player would you compare yourself and style of play to?
NR: I think I have similarities to David Robertson. 
TGP: I personally would compare you to a David Robertson and a Mark Montgomery would you agree?
(obviously lol) 
TGP: Most famous person in your cell phone?
NR: I am good friends with Josh Tomlin who is a starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. 
TGP: Any embarrassing songs in your iPod?
(none listed) 

We want to take this opportunity to thank Nick for taking the time out of his schedule to do this interview for us. Our readers appreciate it and we really appreciate it and wish you the best of luck in everything you do both inside and outside of baseball.  Follow Nick on twitter by following @1_2_3Rummy and follow us on twitter to stay up to date with all of the New York Yankees in all of their levels by following @GreedyStripes.

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