Saturday, July 20, 2013

Is It Time To Reunite With Chris Dickerson?

Chris Dickerson was designated for assignment yesterday by the Baltimore Orioles and could soon become a free agent. If Dickerson clears waivers he can accept a minor league assignment or he can elect free agency and become a free agent. If Dickerson is claimed then the Orioles can either trade him or they can basically give him away for his salary. Either way should the Yankees be interested with having a reunion with Chris Dickerson?

Dickerson batted .245/.274/.412 in 106 plate appearances with the Orioles this season after signing a minor league deal with Baltimore shortly after being DFA'd by the New York Yankees. Chris Dickerson is a left handed outfielder and 31 years old but would he give us even a marginal upgrade over what we currently have? I cannot say so because I would not say that C Dick would be an upgrade over any of Brett Gardner, Ichiro Suzuki, Curtis Granderson, or Zoilo Almonte. He may be an upgrade over Vernon Wells but Vernon bats right handed and gives him an obvious edge over Dickerson.

"Still a NO Chris..."

In the end as much as I would love to have Chris Dickerson back with the Yankees as I am a member of the C Dick fan club I cannot see it happening. Unless it is on a minor league deal it just does not make sense for Dickerson to sign on with the Yankees. I can see a team like the Atlanta Braves jumping all over this deal to temporarily replace their injured Upton brothers and Jayson Heyward.

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