Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michael Young "Not Available"

"No soup Young for you!"

According to Peter Gammons, last week the Yankees asked Philadelphia about Michael Young, and were told Young wasn't available.

This isn't a surprise to me, as I really didn't expect the Phillies to be sellers. We're not talking about a team that is known for wanting to save a couple million dollars, or gives up on a season easily. Not to say there are teams in MLB that are okay with losing, but the Phillies have become one of those teams that not only expects to be in the hunt for the postseason each year, but oftentimes are in the hunt.

Of course, things can change in the next couple of weeks, not to mention that Philly has a couple players in Erik Kratz and Kevin Frandsen who make Young and Carlos Ruiz expendable. So I won't totally give up on a trade happening between the Yankees and Phillis.

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