Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Meets With BALCO Owner Victor Conte

Alex Rodriguez and the Bronx Is Burning Part II will be back after these messages from BALCO.

Remember BALCO? The Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi steroid company that began blowing the roof off the steroids crowd? Well in 2012 Alex Rodriguez visited Victor Conte and BALCO with former NFL player Bill Romanowski in search of legal supplements to help with his performance. The Yankees had an off day in Oakland last May before starting a series with the Oakland Athletics and A Rod took advantage of the off day to try and get a step up on the competition, again.

You may remember Conte's name as he served four months in prison for conspiring to distribute steroids and money laundering when the BALCO fall out came to light. Conte initially declined to meet with Alex before reportedly receiving an uninvited Alex at his doorstep asking about the supplements. If you care Conte recommended protein shakes and taking a zinc, calcium, and magnesium based  product out of his diet.

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