Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't Give Up on Mo

Why haven't I written anything in a while? Laziness, maybe. But really there hasn't been anything to write about. I even predicted the White Sox would sweep the Yankees. Why? Because this team hasn't shown an ounce of fight. CC can't stay in it, Andy can't stay in it, Phil Hughes's record is starting to look like Jim Abbott's by the end of his career (Look it up, it's horrible.) Cano's average has tailspun too. But then people will start to moan and groan about Mariano blowing three straight saves. Back off.

Today, YES was unbelievably embarrassing after Mo gave up the game-tying home-run to Victor Martinez. Kay and Singleton couldn't have better demonstrated how to beat a dead horse. They kept spinning out new stats on Mo never blowing three straight saves as if the world was coming to an end. OOOOOH, MO HAD A BAD WEEK? Mo's been anchoring a bullpen all year that's been the only plus on this team. He was undefeated going into the Mets series; and to me, giving up three Tiger home runs (Miggy twice and Victor once) was entirely plausible (Although Miggy hitting a home run practically crippled Friday night was pretty nasty.) The rough loss was in Chicago, when Mo gave up a game-tying base hit to ADAM DUNN of all people. But the two of them in the booth had stat after stat after replay after replay. Kenny reminded me of John Madden on the chalkboard; showing where Mo's pitch was and where Victor swung, etc. Guys, the world's not ending. In case you haven't realized, they ain't makin' no playawfs.

I'm just counting down the days until the Giants kick off. I have to personally thank Brett Gardner for saving this weekend for two walk-off hits (single and a home run); otherwise this would've been a complete and utter disaster.

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Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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