Thursday, August 15, 2013

Delmon Young Released But Is He A Target?

The New York Yankees are suddenly creeping right back into the wild card race and the playoff hunt with a strong series against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and a little help from the league. The Yankees may now consider some upgrades on the roster, especially if they only require money and not players in trade, and a intriguing player just became available on the free agent market. The Philadelphia Phillies released Delmon Young yesterday after he refused an assignment to AAA after being designated for assignment. Young is a right handed bat with some power and has put up a stat line of .260/.301/.397 in 291 plate appearances this season after signing a one year deal worth $750,000 in the off season.

If the Yankees were to sign Delmon we would only be on the hook for around $180,000 for the rest of the season and he would become a free agent at the end of the season. Delmon is really a DH only kind of player but has dabbled some right field and other outfield spots in his career. Delmon has a career 162 game average triple slash of .283/.316/.423 with 16 home runs but would he be a fit for the Yankees?

If Delmon could play first base and finally give the Yankees the right handed platoon partner with Lyle Overbay I think he would already be signed but do the Yankees really need another outfielder and DH type to rotate into the lineup? We honestly need another outfielder like we need another injury or another prospect to bust. Also I cannot see the Yankees clogging up the DH spot so it seems likely that the Yankees will pass on Young whether he is an upgrade to the lineup or not.

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