Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mike Zagurksi Opts Out & Becomes A Free Agent

Yankees minor league left handed pitcher Mike Zagurski has used his opt out clause to become a free agent in search of a major league opportunity. The 30 year old lefty has allowed 10 runs in six innings with the Pittsburgh Pirates this season but has dominated AAA batters with a combined 2.66 ERA and a 14.3 K/9 ratio in 47 innings this season between the two clubs. The problem is he has not limited lefties enough to be a true LOOGY, left handed batters have a triple slash of .244/.310./321, but is not good enough to be more than a one or two batter kind of pitcher in the majors. Hopefully he latches on with a team that will give him a shot at a major league deal and good luck to Mr. Zagurski.

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