Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking At The Rest Of The Yankees Schedule

The Yankees are trying to jump right back into the wild card and playoff discussion with good series against the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim followed up with a statement making series against Boston Red Sox. Is it realistic for the New York Yankees and their fans to think they have a shot at making the playoffs? Well let's take a look at the remaining schedule for the rest of the season and see if we can reach that 93 win plateau that manager Joe Girardi seems to think is enough to get us into the playoffs.

Here is the remainder of the Yankees schedule:


4 games vs. Toronto Blue Jays 8/20-8/22
3 games vs. Baltimore Orioles 8/30-9/1
3 games vs. Chicago White Sox 9/2-9/4
4 games vs. Boston Red Sox 9/5-9/8
3 games vs. San Francisco Giants 9/20-9/22
3 games vs. Tampa Bay Rays 9/24-9/26


3 games @ Tampa Bay Rays 8/23-8/25
3 games @ Toronto Blue Jays 8/26-8/28
4 games @ Baltimore Orioles 9/9-9-12
3 games @ Boston Red Sox 9/13-9/15
3 games @ Toronto Blue Jays 9/17-9/19
3 games @ Houston Astros 9/27-9/29

The Yankees have 20 games left at home and 19 games left on the road so there will not be any home field advantage helping the Yanks for the rest of the season. The good news is the Yankees will be facing three of the teams ahead of them in the Boston Red Sox seven times, the Tampa Bay Rays six times, and the Baltimore Orioles seven times. It also helps that the Yanks are facing the two worst teams in the major leagues in the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox for a total of six games along with facing the worst team in the AL East Toronto Blue Jays 10 more times. Throw in a three game set with the offense punch-less San Francisco Giants and we may have a real shot at this. The Yankees will need a lot of help, no doubt about it, but looking at the schedule the Yankees should at least make this thing interesting as we race towards a wild card or 2nd wild card berth.

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  1. The Yankees will finish with 91 wins if the win every series either 2-1 or 3-1. Throw in a couple of sweeps and they can make 93.

    If they do that, they are probably as likely to win the East than the Wild Card because they'll have been beating up on Boston, Tampa Bay and Baltimore while the Rangers, A's, Indians and Royals are beating up on cream puffs.


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