Sunday, September 15, 2013

Red Sox Honor Mo with...

Please excuse the tone of this post... I am a little hostile and bitter right now (aren't we all?) So apparently, the Boston Red are going to honor Mariano Rivera before his final game at Fenway Park. SHOCKER. Are we supposed to be thankful and grateful for this? I think Buck Showalter pretty much summed it up when he said "If you know me, it's tough for me to go out and be a part of that, but I'm going to do it... he then continued by stating "we're toward the end of the schedule, so all the good gifts are gone," and finished with "I'd like to give him a blown save." Cool. Thank you, Bucky. Very classy thing to say, unfortunately you didn't give him that.

Going back to my original point- the Red Sox plan to honor Mariano before his last game at Fenway Park and I cannot wait to see what they will give him. While we wait I figured we could play a guessing game. What do YOU think the Red Sox will give Mo? Here are my guesses below... comment with yours!

1) A T-Shirt that says "I AM NOT THE FATHER" (...because Pedro Martinez)

2) A gift basket full of PEDs (because they just hate Jeter and A-Rod)

3) Facial hair
Beard & Mustache Set 
....I'll come up with more after you do! Post some comments!


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  2. Rumor is Red Sox will give Mo, Ted William's frozen head to hang in Mo's den.

  3. Probably give him a thank you card because they are happy to see him go

  4. Another thought... maybe the Red Sox will give the Yankees one of their players. Maybe Middlebrooks, or Pedroia, or David Ortiz (NOT that we want ANY of them) but they have given the Yankees Johnny Damon, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Youkilis, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens and of course... Babe Ruth! The thing is, the Yankees don't want any of the Red Sox to wear pinstripes- the players are the ones that want to come to New York. Awkward...


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