Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rangers Tried To Trade For Cano In July

The Texas Rangers tried to trade for the Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano this July before the trading deadline. The Yankees quickly told them that Cano was not available and the talks ended there. The Yankees could have rebuilt the farm and set us up for a long time with a Jurickson Profar trade but hindsight is always 20/20.


  1. Seeing the number of times the Rangers balked at dealing away Profar, along with the fact that Cano was a free agent at year's end, I see no way Texas would have give the Yankees Jurickson.

  2. Trading for Cano one year away from free agency and trading for a Matt Garza or someone else that they balked at trading Profar for are two different animals.

    1. Perhaps. But it doesn't make sense to me. Giving up a top prospect for 3 months of a player you don't really need? I mean "need" by position, not a big bat.

  3. Teams do it all the time. They think they can resign him (Cano) and a lot of teams thinks making the playoffs in 2013 is more important than 2014. I will tell you one thing though having Cano on that team means they dont play a one game playoff IN MY OPINION


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