Thursday, October 3, 2013

Granderson Wants To Remain A Yankee

"Am I waving 'hello' or 'goodbye'?"

Seeing as how power is hard to come by these days, it isn't out of the question that Curtis Granderson could receive a multi-year offer from a team. However, Granderson's agent Matt Brown made it clear that a return to the Yankees was his client's first choice.
That’s his first choice. He absolutely wants to stay there [New York]. It looks like we’re probably headed down that [qualifying offer] road. - Matt Brown, agent for Curtis Granderson.
The only reason Granderson isn't getting prepared for a 5+ year contract worth around $100 million is two freak injuries this past season. The first was a hit by pitch that occurred in his first at bat of Spring Training, which resulted in a broken forearm. And the second happened in his 8th game after returning, which was a broken bone in his hand courtesy of another hit by pitch. Talk about some bad luck.
There’s no getting around [it], missing 100 games the year you’re becoming a free agent isn’t great. - Brown
Like I said in the beginning, we're talking about a guy that hit 84 home runs in the previous two seasons. That's ten more homers than Miguel Cabrera and Ryan Braun hit during that same time span. If it wasn't for the fact that Curtis had a combined batting average of .247 in 2011 and 2012, then he'd be looking at a big payday regardless of those broken bones.

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