Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Amends "Witch Hunt" Lawsuit

Let's start the day off with some drama, shall we?

Alex Rodriguez updated his lawsuit against Major League Baseball and Bud Selig yesterday due to the fact that Selig refused to testify against Alex in his Biogenesis suspension appeal. The lawyers for Rodriguez filed the 33 page amendment to the lawsuit that was originally filed on October 6th to the judge.

“Mr. Selig chose to hide in his office in Milwaukee rather than come testify at the grievance hearing in New York. In Mr. Selig’s world, apparently the ‘buck’ does not stop with Bud,” the new complaint said. “Mr. Selig lacked the courage of his convictions to explain under oath the reasons for the suspension and the conduct of his investigators. His silence on these issues speaks volumes and leads to only one logical conclusion — his actions, and those of the MLB personnel he controls, were aimed at destroying the reputation, career and business prospects of Alex Rodriguez.”

This amendment did include a picture of Bud Selig taking a picture with that fan with the "A-Roid" shirt, which is petty to me but what do I know. 

“Sadly, this cowardly stance by Mr. Selig is consistent with his past and highly inappropriate conduct in posing, smilingly, with a young fan wearing a T-shirt with a derogatory message directed at Mr. Rodriguez,” the amended lawsuit said. “One cannot imagine the Commissioner of any other professional sport — or indeed the CEO of any business — doing something similar with respect to one of his or her players or employees.”

The Bronx is Burning again ladies and gentleman and I need a drink, and I need it stirred ASAP. 

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