Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brian McCann Is A Yankee!

The New York Yankees are on the verge of signing free agent catcher Brian McCann. The reported deal is somewhere in the neighborhood of five years and worth around $80 million. This all but means the end of Chris Stewart and is hopefully just the beginning for the Yankees shopping spree.

Details to follow as they become available. 


  1. Awesome. I didn't think the Yanks would actually do this, but they did. Nice job Cashman

    1. Just the beginning my friend, just the beginning

  2. Winning formula is; Pitching, Strong up the middle...Catcher-Yup, 2nd-Yup, SS-Nope CF-Yup, Pitching-Nope!
    Two starting pitchers and three rookies...ain't gone cut it.
    Where is the Power going to come from, where is the on base % coming from? Who is going to be the leader in the dug-out and lead the team for 162 games?
    Jeter is the Captain but, not a good enough player anymore to lead on the field, Cano is gone, Tex is too laid back.
    Could Anna, McCann or someone we will soon sign (Corey Hart, Beltran) step up and get it done? Here is a shock to the A-Rod haters, if A-Rod beats the rap and plays even half the year in 2014...look for most of the team to look to him as the on field it or not!

    1. We're far from done in the pitching department, we are looking to add two starters. CC, Nova, Pineda are taking up three spots probably. If not Pineda then Warren as the 5th starter.

      Power is coming from catcher, 1B, 2B, LF, and probably RF when we sign somebody.

    2. Sorry Daniel..
      I was going without Cano.
      I don't know how much we will get from Tex, so that cuts our power down to Catcher, LF and RF.
      I really like the type of people we are looking to bring in. No need to have a masher at every position on the field but, we do need a few.

    3. Jose Bautista had the same surgery and less recovery time and saw almost on increase or decrease in his stats in 2013


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