Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cano May Or May Not Have Traveled To Detroit Recently

As the world turns, and when I said the world I mean the negotiations with Robinson Cano in his search for a $300 million contract on a 10 year deal. The only reason that this is news is because of how dreadfully slow the offseason has been for the Yankees to date. I mean, to put this in perspective, my wife and I had a baby this  weekend and the only "Yankees news" I missed was David Freese being traded to the Angels.

There is a rumor circulating that Robinson Cano recently charted a private plane to Detroit over the weekend to talk about a potential contract. This is somewhat surprising seeing as the Tigers just acquired Ian Kinsler, a second basemen, from the Texas Rangers. This could all be part of the plan for Dave Dombrowski to play Kinsler at first and free up the money to sign Cano as the second basemen. This could also be a part of the plan from Jay Z to make the Yankees want to up their offer or make an offer sooner so who knows. Jay Z would probably not be above using rumors and such to get a maximum contract for his client and the Tigers would not be above using Kinsler at first base since the Rangers were talking of using him at first anyway before trading him.

That's what makes it fun, we just don't know and probably never will. Anyway here is the "rumor" that sparked all the discussion in Yankees land:

There was, indeed, a charter plane that took off from Teterboro, N.J., about a half-hour outside New York City, at 6:59 a.m. Friday and landed at Willow Run 90 minutes later. The plane then sat at Willow Run until 2:04 p.m., when it headed back to Teterboro. The plane in question is a Kelso Air-owned business jet, a Bombardier Challenger 600, which seats between 14 and 18 passengers. This plane could cost as much as $4,100 per hour to charter, or more than $32,000 for this particular trip - impressive, to be sure, but not much of a dent for someone who made, say, $15 million in salary in 2013.
This jet also has made no other recent trips to Michigan. Its recent getaways include such locales as Augusta, Ga. (home of swanky Augusta National Golf Club); Bermuda; Sacramento, Calif.; San Diego; and Chicago.

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