Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Three Yankees Likely Lost To The Rule 5 Draft

The Yankees finalized their 40 man rosters earlier in the week by acquiring Dean Anna from the San Diego Padres, outrighting Corban Joseph off the 40 man roster and assigning him to AAA Scranton with the RailRiders, and adding their own prospects Slade Heathcott, Gary Sanchez, Shane Greene, Jose Campos, and Bryan Mitchell to the 40 man for protection from the Rule 5 Draft. The most notable names that have been left unprotected, and are extremely like to be selected, are Danny Burawa, Chase Whitley, and Tommy Kahnle.

Kahnle was part of a number of trade rumors this season so that seems to show the Yankees line of thinking, that he is fringe enough to leave unprotected but good and polished enough to get taken. Kahnle spent his first full season at AA with Trenton this season and struck out over 11 batters per nine innings, posted a 2.85 ERA, and a 3.85 FIP. Kahnle is left off the roster because of his 6.75 walks per nine innings.

Chase Whitley spent his season in AAA with the RailRiders while striking out over eight batters per nine innings. Whitley posted a 3.06 ERA and was on the short list at the end of the season of guys to be called up if someone went down with an injury so he is clearly polished and ready for the big show. I cannot see a scenario where a team does not take him and stash him as the last man out of the bullpen, he is that young and that good.

Burawa missed the 2012 season with an injury and reached as high as AA with the Thunder in 2013 so he may represent our best chance of not losing out of the three. Burawa struck out nine guys per nine innings on the nose, although he walked nearly six batters per nine innings, posted a solid 2.59 ERA, and is still only 25 years old.

I think Whitley is gone, Kahnle is more then likely gone, and I would not be surprised if Burawa is taken too. I could not see Burawa sticking on a 40 man roster all season and being returned but I could see Kahnle and Whitley so they are all but gone in my opinion. The Rule 5 Draft is next month so all we can do is speculate until then.


  1. Whitley is the guy that surprised me, he could have been (maybe) a help in the BP for 2014, more so than most of the others. I guess they are thinking if taken, he will not stay on the team all year.
    The Yanks have more information on him than I do, that is a given!

    1. Problem with Whitley is you have Kelley, Claiborne, d rob, betances, phelps, and warren all more polished, proven, and ahead of him on the depth chart.

      He is good but those guys are better and more proven, something we have fallen in love with.

  2. Eldest Ranger....sorry to bump you last night. Had to get that off my chest.
    Chase can only have 40. That's the rule. There were others pushing for his spot.
    Check out the Dean Anna video that Daniel put up. I bet more than a few in San Diego, are not
    pleased, that he was left off their 40. Consider it a trade..and we robbed them

    1. Just goes to show you how much talent San Diego has. Anna is 26 and the padres are not close to competing so I understand the trade somewhat. I love the trade for us though we robbed a guy that can truly help us for a long time.

  3. JOHN...poster JOHN...from YFU. ( Not them again )
    John, if you see this...give us a post, and wait for me to catch up to you.
    You are good, and your words were fine. And above that, you are a decent guy.
    I'm off to work. Will check back in around 9:30-10

  4. I ment to say, I wish we had the room to keep him but you guys are right. We have more RP than we need anyhow...we need starters!

    I must admit to my lack of knowledge concerning Anna, I don't know much to nothing about the NL players.
    But, that pick-up is what I was talking about, teams have players that can play but, are behind a star player or younger ones.


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