Friday, November 1, 2013

Conflicting Reports On The New Derek Jeter Deal

All of you jumping up and down that the new Derek Jeter deal will save up nearly $2,000,000 on the Hal Cap with AAV you now have conflicting reports. Buster Olney on his twitter account says "source" are reporting that this new deal will actually increase the Yankees AAV salary by $2,000,000. So the Yankees once again are bidding against themselves and this is how we are going to do business before we go talk to Robinson Cano, oh boy hold on to your hats.


  1. I wonder if the Yankees are closer to that $189 million goal than we think, due to parts of player contacts we don't know.

  2. His contract for this year was a mistake by the brothers Dumb-Dumber...they have a habit of messing things up. Now we have a big contract for a part-time player.

  3. OldYankee.....please stop blaming the Steinbrenners for every bad move that happens. I never hear you blame CashMan for always give him a pass by saying "you get some right, you get some wrong"...... or " talent evaluation is not his job". both of those defenses are ludicrous. You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself " why am I so prejudice against the Steinbrenner brothers? and so forgiving of the mediocre CashMan?"

    1. Again, you don't read what the media puts out do you?
      Once Jeter went public with his side of the story, the Yankees had NO CHOICE but to sign him and add that extra year...and you know it! If he was any other player than Jeter, he never would have gotten that long of a contract, at his age.
      You and some others don't see the bushes for the trees. His numbers have dropped in the last few years.
      Why always put the blame on Cashman, he has a boss (three of them in fact) telling him what he can and can't do. It is harder to be a GM in his shoes than in most other GM jobs...and forget the money thing because he has to go hat in hand to get any money.

  4. and lets get real about Jeter..... he will NOT be a part time player and excluding injury will play 150+ games. He will play SS and DH. He will play many more games at SS then DH. Excluding old farts like Honus Wagner he will become the first 40+ SS to hit .300.

  5. I think they came out and said that the Steinbrenner's fumbled the first Jeter contract and orchestrated this new contract with a face to face meeting. If it's public record that the Steinbrenner's screwed it up then why blame Cashman?

    He is no saint and guilt free but not on the Derek Jeter front.


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