Friday, November 1, 2013

Derek Jeter Signs New One Year Deal Worth $12 Million

Derek Jeter is officially back for the 2014 season after signing a new one year deal worth $12,000,000 today with the New York Yankees. Jeter will be entering his age 40 season after missing most of the season due to injuries in 2012 in what will probably be his final season in the big leagues. This deal was stamped out with a face to face meeting between Jeter and Hal Steinbrenner and was kept pretty quiet for the most part because this came out of left field.

Rather than Jeter exercising his $9,500,000 players option for 2014 Jeter gets a new deal, and a raise to top it all off, and the Yankees save approximately $1,190,000 off the luxury tax which sweetens the deal for both sides. Under the new collective bargaining agreement Jeter's options year was counted as a guaranteed year and the AAV was calculated with his entire deal that he signed a few years back. This is a straight one year deal with a $12,000,000 base salary and AAV, simple, I like simple. Well reports are the contract is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.8 million but I think that includes the player bonuses and such that is factored into every team's AAV but do not hold me to that. The "I like simple" line was sarcasm, sorry that does not come across well in text.

Great news for Jeter and great news for the Yankees and their fans. The captain is officially back for 2014.

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