Friday, November 1, 2013

Scorpions drop 8th straight game to Saguaros, 6-3

Yankees outfielder Mason Williams went 2-for-5 with an RBI tonight as the Scorpions dropped their eighth straight game to Saguaros, 6-3. This loss is the Scorps eighth consecutive one, meaning that their overall record is now just 7-14. At one point this year they were 7-6, but now that's ancient history. Now they're basically a charity for teams that need wins. 

I know that nobody else here really cares that much about the AFL, but I do. And I must say this is seriously depressing. It was fun, but now it's just writing about how much they lost by. I want this fall league season to end because I really like some of these prospects and I feel like this experience hasn't been good for them. They just lose. That's all they do. 


  1. What the hell has happened to the Scorpions.

  2. The Scorpians are really not that bad, and here is the reason.
    Look at the size of that helmet, on Mason ! It sooner or later will fall down, and cover his face.
    My's an ' Andre the Giant ' model. Call Sports Authority, and reorder.

  3. ha ha....remember when the Cisco kid had to where that model after his concussions? he looked like George Jetson. The only person with worse head gear is the great Ken Reed and his camouflage hats.

    1. Twasp...
      Don't denigrate my two field hats. One has been and seen more than you will ever come close to seeing. The other one is my newer hat...only about 20 years old!
      Everytime, I have had to go under the knife, that hat was with me going in and and coming out.
      Actually, it saved my life last year...some other time. It is my Good Luck charm!

    2. Oldentures07 how did your hat save your life last year?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So much talent though, I don't get it


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