Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I Am Thankful For: The Yankees Depth

Continuing our look at what we are thankful for we showcase the Yankees depth that is being addressed this offseason. The Yankees had no depth last year and it showed on the field and in the win column when half the team went down with injuries. This year the Yankees do not seem like they will be left flat footed if one or two of their infielders go down.

The Yankees have already traded for Dean Anna from the San Diego Padres who can play all over the infield and has played in the outfield as well. The Yankees also signed Yamaico Navarro who can also play the hot corner, short stop, and a few places out in the outfield. The Yankees have brought back Brendan Ryan and already have David Adams and Corban Joseph, among others, on the roster for back up. This is before we even mention guys like Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez who are both non tender candidates.

The Yankees have already brought back David Herndon for a shot at the bullpen and are not going to be quiet in the pitching department, whether it be for the starting rotation or the bullpen. The Yankees know they did not have the depth last year and they know they didn't have the impact type youth last year and this year they will not make the same mistake twice, and for that I am thankful.


  1. Corey Hart over Beltran would be a start...say yes?!? LOL

  2. Eldest super ranger....ok, I'll follow your prompt......YES !!!!
    ( But outside of this site, Hart's name is hardly / never mentioned. A reason ? )

    1. Maybe because he said he wanted to go back to Milwaukee? Or they just dont know how good Hart has been..

      Or probably because we are trend setters

    2. Trend setters !!...Cutting edge !! Posters with swagger !!....Grady Sizemore ?

    3. Another name I mentioned long before anyone else.

    You have a reason to be thankful....his name was Ben Francisco...remember him ?
    Lord, I could not wait for him to vanish.
    Wins the RH outfield bat spot, in spring training. Over Matt Diaz, and someone else.
    Lasted 48 games into the season. Felt like he was here forever. I knew then, the Yankees had dengue fever.
    He bats .114. In 44 AB, he totals out with ...5 hits. Including one home run.
    Do you remember John Sterling's home run call name for him ?..." the Ben Francisco Treat ! "
    Released...5/26/13. It got worse, remember Travis Ishikawa ? lasted 6 days...DFA early July.
    No more. These blasts from the past will do me in.

    1. Good thing about the depth is those two guys combined cost us probably $100,000. We can hit or miss with them and it be no big deal

  4. COREY HART...........lets see.
    Corey Hart, the Canadian singer, best known for his hit single..." Sunglasses at Night " ?..no not him.
    Corey Hart, ball player. Could find no linkage of him to the Yankees. Boston, and Texas, yes.
    Lifted the below quote, from the 'Texas Rangers Hot Stove' site.
    In many ways it makes sense....two knee surgeries will put up red flags.
    Why he doesn't make sense: Hart is open to playing the outfield, but can he do that well after the knee surgeries? If not, he slots in at first base and DH only. That limits the options that manager Ron Washington would have with him. And there's always the risk that he won't stay healthy. Remember Lance Berkman? This has some similarities.
    ( Red flag, written all over it. )

    1. Has the same amount of knee surgeries as Carlos Beltran, no?

    2. On doing my homework...Beltran had one surgery...2010. And has played well since.
      Hart, is an enigma.

    3. My apologies then, I was going off memory. Old age getting the best of me.


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