Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yankees Have Had Discussions With Joe Nathan

The Yankees, in hopes of somehow replacing Mariano Rivera, have had contact with the agents for free agent closer Joe Nathan. Nathan is coming off of a strong season with the Texas Rangers and is rumored to be wanting around $15 million per season on a multi-year deal. The problem with Nathan is though is that he is about to turn 39 years old and does not fit in with the $189 million goal for the Yankees whatsoever.

Nathan had a strong 2013 posting a 1.39 ERA with 43 saves and a 2.26 in 64+ innings for the Rangers. Nathan now has three full seasons under his belt since his Tommy John surgery in 2010 so the health should not be a concern for the right handed pitcher anymore.  Nathan would be nice to have but to pay a closer into his 40's not named Mariano Rivera is a foolish thing to do in my opinion, especially when they want to make more then Rivera did in his 40's.


  1. Time to saddle up, move forward. Someone is missing...see if old Twasp is in that broom closet !

    JOSEPH NATHAN...43 saves / 1.39 ERA....2013. A requirement for success in 2014.
    39 years old, so ?...... Some 39 year olds act / look, like they are 60. He does not.
    I see him as a hard throwing hybrid....a freak of nature. They throw hard, as life stands still.
    At least for a while longer.
    Look at Roger Clemens, look at Nolan Ryan, et all. Hard throwers, who dominated late in life.
    Joseph Nathan still gets the job done, better than most. Period.

    I love David Robertson, but nothing tells me he is ready to be the man.
    Robertson, and Nathan....that solidifies the bullpen. The bullpen was our premier front line deterrent
    last season. Make Joseph Nathan a Yankee, and bring in players that drive in runs, a lot of runs.

  2. I wouldn't mind signing Nathan to a one-year deal, if that's possible.

    1. Jack...hello. No, signing Nathan to a one year deal is not possible.
      He gave Mariano, a run for his money, regarding numbers last year. He is elite.
      Sign him, bite the bullet, and have a bullpen that is rock solid.
      The last line of defense. Secure that, and correct the offense.
      Jack...stay well.

    2. I don't know. Robertson's been waiting for this opportunity for years, I think it's time he gets it. I agree Nathan's better, but he's just not worth it. The money used to sign him is better spent elsewhere

  3. Jack...Nathan is worth it. Nathan is superior to Robinson, at this point in time. Just because you are
    waiting for something a long time, does not mean you deserve it. Robinson can learn from Nathan.

  4. If you sign Nathan, as good as he has been and as good as he is, the $189 million mandate is gone.. Well either thats gone or Robbie Cano.

    If Cano walked I wouldnt mind strengthening the bullpen and spending that money on pitching though...


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