Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alex Rodriguez May Pull A Jose Canseco

Alex Rodriguez is doing his best to do his best Jose Canseco impersonation, no this has nothing to do with steroid use per se, as A Rod may have himself a tell all book deal. A Rod may also be securing a documentary deal to tell his story about his "battle" with Major League Baseball. According to Emily Smith of the New York Posts' "Page Six" A Rod is close to turning a profit on this deal as well, like he needs the money. A Rod sold his Miami mansion back in May for a reported $15 million and is looking to sell his Miami condo for the low, low price of $1 million.

Rodriguez is hoping to chronicle what his life has been like since being handed a 211 game suspension for steroids. I am not going to lie this would be a Day One buy for me and I would probably read it cover to cover the first night. I would like to see what kind of spin he puts on everything, how he describes the whole Ryan Dempster episode, storming out of his appeal hearing, Bud Selig taking a picture with a fan with an "A Roid" photo, and all that other juicy good drama.


  1. THE SPIN..." What did I do? I did nothing. The world is against me.".... (bring in race, next.)

    Pictures with a kid in a t-shirt, MLB secret agents, Bud Selig wants me on his mantel...etc.
    You will get everything,.... but the truth.....Like Obama, me, me and, more me.
    What you may learn, is how many times he nailed Cameron Diaz. And, if he filmed it.

    Daniel, save your money. Save it for when Cano puts out his tell all...
    "Joe Girardi molested me, and then told me to bat second ! "

    1. Well when I said buy I mean't steal off the internet like I do everything else... just trying to be politically correct lol

    2. Back-up guys, everyone has the right to be heard! A-Rod has been picked at, lied about, Maligned in the media and by MLB, had his Manager try to destroy him in a book that was found to be ludicrous and untrue!
      If he writes a book I want to read it, I don't think there will be as many "I's" as one may expect, after all the junk that has been printed about his being a ME 1st guy!
      Let's wait and see!

  2. Kenny & the Belmonts....A-rods book, because he writes one, does that make it true ?
    Kim Kardashian, what if she wrote one ( mentally impossible )....just as true ?

    What can be gained from reading those books.

    1. I never even hinted that it would be true but, reading it makes one have another point of view. It will be picked apart...however or whatever he writes in his own defense will automatically be called a lie! Just because it will not fit the mantra put forth by the Media makes it untrue????? Not in my book, I have read far to many untruths on blogs, in the media etc.! Most of the bad stuff has been proven false and made-up out of someone thinking it has to be!
      Many things are also true!

    2. Jose Canseco's book was originally full of "lies" too remember?


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