Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mariners May Have Topped Yankees Offer To Cano

The Seattle Mariners may have topped the New York Yankees offer to free agent Robinson Cano after a meeting between Cano's representatives and the M's today. Then again following that clever wording going around the baseball blogosphere the Mariners may not have topped the Yankees offer so there is always that. The Mariners are going all in on Cano and trying to sell him to that fact that he could be a baseball legend in Seattle and bring them to their first World Series rather then just being a Yankees legend.

My stance remains the same, eight years $200 million MAX or walk. Enjoy the dome, enjoy the rain, enjoy only having a chance to win two or three times a week instead of every night. Adios Cano, maybe you and Jay Z can open up a night club in Seattle and make it rain.


  1. I don't think Cano will sign with Seattle. Can you imagine if Jay-Z, a Yankees fan and New York Native, let Cano leave for a crappy team like the Mariners? It'd be embarrassing for him. No way it'll happen

    1. You think Scott Boras gives a crap where his people sign? Hell no, he cares about the money they get. It wasnt sexy when Jayson werth signed with the Washington Nationals either...

    2. Sorry, but Jack Niemuth has a valid point. Until now, unspoken.
      * a tag on :...Cano's father wants him stay with the Yankees. Hmmmm ?

    3. If Jay Z gave that much of a crap about New York Cano would already be resigned and for a reasonable amount or even a home town discount. We didnt see this crap with Rivera, Posada, Jeter, Pettitte, etc.

      Again Jay Z does not give two shits where Cano signs. Jay Z does not put his name on the map and get more clients by signing Cano in New York, regardless of other deals, Jay Z accomplishes that by signing with the highest bidding team.

      Scott Boras would sign his top free agent with the Houston Astros if it got him, the player, the most money and the most protection. Bottom line.

    4. Sorry Daniel I just don't see it happening. In the end, Cano will come to his senses and sign with the Yankees. And if he doesn't, he'll sign with another contender. Not the Mariners

    5. Why does it seem like you want him gone

    6. It only happens if Cano wants to come back to New York, not because Jay Z thinks its a good marketing deal for his new company. Jay Z wants to chase the money. Bottom line, he has said as much.

      I don't want him gone, I love Cano. I have Cano's jersey hanging in my man cave. The thing is though that doesn't mean I want to pay him an A Rod type contract. I love Alfonso Soriano too but after this season if he wants an enormous contract I bid him farewell.

      If Derek Jeter wants a multi year deal after this I would say to pass as well and EVERYONE loves Jeter. I dont want Cano gone, I want a World Series and he helps that better than any option out there, but at what cost?

    7. Jack is how I see it, not speaking for Dan.

      In the world that I was raised in, ....JZ should be in jail. Hard time. He was a drug pusher.
      I do not need a political correctness lecture. If you did what he would be doing the time.
      Good, decent, innocent people died, so his " clients could buy what JZ sold ."....dead !
      They can not come back. And he could care less......But, now he sings/raps songs.

      All JZ smells is the money.....I so hate these made up names.
      Young people do not question names, they tend to embrace the mystique.

      When he is done with Cano, another impressionable soul will come along.
      Cano, is a pawn. Not ready to understand life. $900 bottles of champagne impress Cano.
      The night life of the pusher, has him spell bound.

      He will not suddenly wake up. He will do as the drug pusher tells him.
      Too bad. Watch it play out.


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