Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mark Mulder Attempting A Comeback

Mark Mulder, one of the Big Three in Oakland with Barry Zito and Tim Hudson, has not pitched since 2008 and has been retired since 2009 but is trying to make a comeback with a Major League team. Should the Yankees be interested? There is no such thing as a bad minor league deal so in a word, yes.

I rallied for Johan Santana yesterday on a minor league deal and he has had two torn shoulder capsule surgeries so why not Mulder? How could it really hurt? No guaranteed contract, no 40 man roster spot, no risk whatsoever, simply reward.

Mulder found a new way to deliver the baseball, which fixed a mechanics flaw of his, when mimicking Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Paco Rodriguez in his living room of all places. Mulder immediately began working out, building arm strength, and in five or six weeks is now showcasing for teams. He is reportedly hitting 89-90 MPH on his fastball near his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mulder is still considered to be a young man, 36 years old until August 2014, and does not have a million miles on the arm. Plus it would be an awesome story if he could come up in June or July and make a start at Yankee Stadium.

Do it Cash!

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