Friday, December 13, 2013

Robinson Cano Made The Daily News This Morning

Okay so I know I said that the last Cano post about how we did not show him respect was me closing the book on Robinson Cano but I wanted this cover from the Daily News to close it. NOW it's closed, goodnight.


  1. Wow... that's one heck of a cover. I'm a little embarrassed for the Daily News because they're bigger than this and should turn the page as well. If Cano felt disrespected before, I wonder how he feels now.

    1. They vilified him even before he signed. Cano was being exposed even when still with the Yankees

    2. He will now get the same sh-t as A-Rod got for the last 10 years.
      See how you like it Cano, "never cross a burning bridge, it may take you down with it"!
      You can kiss the HoF good-bye, without the team behind you, how good can you be? This signing will be a big time numbers dump!

    3. letsplaynine........." The Daily News is bigger than this " ?..Are you from New York ?
      Covers like this happen every day. Remember Anthony Weiner, Monica Lewinsky.
      people being knocked out in the street by thugs ? On, and on.....

      Robinson Cano was never disrespected by this team, or it's fans. In all due respect sir, do you
      really care how he feels now ?
      If for enjoy covers, wait until you see what the NY Post dues with this.

      Cano ? Sounds familiar. I've turned the page.

    4. I don't quite think Cano reaches the vilification of A Rod, not long term anyway. I think we forget about Cano by July, at the latest. We continue to kill A Rod because he is still on the team.

    5. I didn't mean the Yankee Fans! The team he is with now has die-hard fans also...they have to be...that's who will get on his case as they did when A-Rod left for Texas.


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