Friday, December 13, 2013

Tigers, Yankees Talk Gardner, Austin Jackson Swap

The New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers have recently spoken about an Austin Jackson for Brett Gardner swap bringing A Jax back to the Bronx. Not quite sure why this makes sense for the Tigers as Jackson is two years away from free agency and is projected to make $5.3 million in 2014 while Gardner is in his free agent walk year and is making $4 million this season.

The only thing that could make sense for the Tigers is if they think they cannot resign or extend Jackson and feel better about those prospects with Gardner. I cannot see how they could feel like that when they haven't spoken to Gardner but their mistake could benefit the Yankees. Jackson is 27 years old and is widely considered to be one of the better leadoff men in all of baseball while playing a great center field. Gardner is 29 years old and is also considered to be a great leadoff man that takes a ton of pitches and plays a fantastic defense in center and in left.

This, to me anyway, seems like a trade that makes us spend a little more money but allows us to turn back the block and get one or two more seasons of Brett Gardner, just with Austin Jackson on his baseball card. Gardner is the better base stealer but Jackson has more doubles and gap power and they have very comparable batting lines, defensive metrics, and overall numbers. The problem is I don't think the Yankees move Gardner for a comparable player, they move him for a need or keep him, so I don't see a deal happening.


  1. I do think he would be a good fit, but where? Left field is the only place that would be open, would he except being regulated to Left and not Center? He is a very good player but, as an up-grade, I don't know?
    A Big Ego is a bad thing to have IF not understood and controlled by the one having it! Conversely, without the ego, one would never be all that one could be! Hell, we all have a bit of ego!
    Keep Brett, we know him!

    1. I would think they would discuss that before a deal would be agreed upon but A Jax is a young player, I would think he would agree to concede to Ellsbury and Beltran.

  2. Interesting, but again, the problems will still remain. We all know that many holes
    must be plugged.

    1. Agreed. I don't think this deal would make us any better until NEXT season. Don't like looking ahead that far.


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