Friday, December 13, 2013

Robinson Cano Felt Disrespected By Yankees

Here are some of his quotes from last night for the nine people that still care what he has to say here in New York:

“I was looking for a contract where I would just be able to play and focus on the game and wouldn’t wonder when I’m 37, 38 would I have a job one day. Would I be able to play?” Cano said. “The one thing in Seattle is I get the chance. Am I going to keep working hard? Yes. Even harder? Yes. I’m going to do my best and play the same way I was playing in New York and go out there and do my business and win games.”

“I didn’t feel respect. I didn’t get respect from them and I didn’t see any effort,” 

Didn't get respect? That's funny and an easy way to close the book on this page in history. Adios amigo.

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