Monday, December 23, 2013

What I Want For Christmas: Alex Rodriguez

Christmas is just two days away and if you are a huge procrastinator you are in luck, I am here to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want Alex Rodriguez to be completely acquitted of his ties from Biogenesis and I want him on the field manning third base on Opening Day. A Rod is easily the best option we have at third base right now, including what is available on the free agent and trade markets, and is the best option for the team. A Rod's right handed power really balances out the lineup, makes him possibly the best 6th or 7th hitter in the league, and gives a big middle finger to Bud Selig which is always nice.

Is it realistic? Probably not. At best he gets a reduced suspension of 50 games, and hell I'd take that happily down from 211 games, but either way that makes the Yankees a better on the field product. Although if A Rod is acquitted or his suspension is reduced that really blows the lid on the Hal cap but in the immortal words of Mr. Brian Kenny "we're the Yankees dammit!"


  1. That, my friend, would be a nice New Years present from Mr. Bud "Jerk"! LOL

    He hasn't even tested positive in all these years, why is he getting this treatment from Bud...other than he is still a Yankee with a bad (Media hype) reputation.
    Make a rep. for myself by going after the one guy no one gives a damn about and show what a great guy he is...taking down the biggest name in baseball and sticking it to the Yankees!

    1. One more year of Bud... one more year... keep telling myself that

  2. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our many friends everywhere!

    A Happy Hanukkah and great New Year for our Jewish friends out there!

    Those that don't believe...have a fine day...!


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