Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yankees Finally Showing Interest In Mark Reynolds

The Yankees are finally interested in Mark Reynolds cementing the idea that Brian Cashman is a Greedy Pinstripes reader. Just the other day I mentioned letting Kelly Johnson start at second base for us, signing Mark Reynolds for third base, and shoring up the pitching and calling it a day. The Yankees are now showing interested in Reynolds to provide some right handed power as our starting third basemen and part time first basemen.

Reynolds hit .236/.300/.455 in 36 games with the Yankees this season after posting a .215/.307/.373 with the Indians before being released. His defense is horrid at third base, let's not mince words, but he may end up being the best option we have outside of Alex Rodriguez at third this offseason. The Twins, Brewers, and Rays are also said to be interested in Reynolds who made $6 million last season.


  1. So glad Cashman has finally come to his senses and started reading TGP to firm up the roster!

  2. I believe he has been a reader for quite some time Bryan


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